Human rights and dignity of people

Concorso Internazionale di Disegno (3-14 anni)

Municipality of Riposto has organized the International Conference "Human rights and dignity of people. Building together a policy for the humanity".

After the opening speech of Mayor (dr. Enzo Caragliano) and the Assessor for Social solidarity and Culture (Prof. Gianfranco Pappalardo Fiumara), there has been the presence of:

- Ester Bonafede, Assessor for the family of Region Sicilia

- Marco De Giorgi, General Director UNAR

- Gaetano Pasqualino, expert about human rights and migration

- dr. Giovanni Malagutti, President Fondazione Malagutti onlus

Modrator: Paolo Patané.

The conference aims to be a beginning for a cultural reflection but also for a concrete innovation in public administration field: the construction of social, economic and cultural policy based on the human dignity, the right to identity ans self-determination. The respect of diversity is the beginnin for a civilized cohabitation; it comes from the willing of politic world to manage with sensitivity, due to these years marked by the most difficult economic crisis since Post-War

The event has got the acknowledgement of: National Office Antidiscriminaton of the Premiership, Region Sicilia and the American Embassy in Italy.