Frequently Asked Questions

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Le Frequently Asked Questions, meglio conosciute con la sigla FAQ, sono letteralmente le "domande poste frequentemente".


Frequently Asked Questions, better known by the abbreviation FAQ


Foire aux questions, mieux connu sous le sigle FAQ, sont littéralement les «questions fréquemment posées."


Both children and teens from 3 to 18 years of age.

Within October 31st 2016


You can download it from the following link:

All the children who have taken part in competition can ask the participation certificate to:
You have to print it and write your name!

Prizes will be presented during the final award ceremony or sent with charges forward delivery.

Our office contacts winners by phone.
Winners and their drawings will be published on

Yes, events can be organized by anyone wants to cooperate with “Colourful Rights”. For further information contact us.

Yes, everybody can get in.

You can send 3 works. Remember: join to them the participation form!

You can freely realize your work: if you decide to do a drawing you can use pencils, felt-tip pens, pastels, tempera.
If you choose sculptures, you can realize it with clay, gypsum, wood. The same criteria is also for installations.

Anyone, the support is free.

No, we don’t. Drawings will become a property of “Fondazione Malagutti onlus”  which reserves the right to use.

You can send 3 works maximum. Remember to join the participation form.

Anyone, the size is free for drawings, sculptures, installations.
Video must be realized in .mp4 with a lenght 120 seconds maximum.

Send it within October 31st 2016.

Certainly. You can participate with an individual or a group work.

You have to realize a drawing, a media project, an istallation and/or a sculpture and send it to: Fondazione Malagutti onlus - Via dei Toscani, 8 46010 Curtatone-MN, Italy.
Join to your work the participation form.

The illustrator Marco Zaini who has drawn "Special Maintenancewhen he has taken part in 6th International Illustration Competition "We are the future".

Fondazione Malagutti onlus in partnership with Illustrators Association.

The author of the first classified work will receive a prize money and his/her illustration will be the official image for the promotional material of International Drawing Competition for children. (for further information read the regulations of illustration competition).

You can find participation fees in regulations of competition.

Fondazione Malagutti is a no-profit organization, but it has to sustain many fees for: web site ( ), exhibition for the final selection, possible book printing and any running costs.

We believe in freedom of expression for children so we involve and promote illustrators’work with many initiatives like the International Illustration Competition, exhibitions, publications and workshops.

Because they can be known and granted to draw a better world for children!

You can give it to Fondazione Malagutti onlus and take part in all its initiatives or have it back with a charges forward delivery.

The Foundation selects these illustrations to set up exhibitions and publications. Illustrators will always be quoted and informed about those initiatives that can be set also in partnership. All the given works will be part of the future illustration museum in Mantua.

Foundation tries to promote it as better as possible giving the utmost visibility to its illustrator.

The illustration can be published only at the end of competition.